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Information for Beginners

At K500+ we understand the first step is often the hardest. With his in mind, we have compiled detailed information for each stage – before, during and after the first class with us.

Our instructors are friendly and approachable, and are trained to put you at ease and ensure you are kept safe while taking part.

If you are new to Martial Arts we have developed a unique beginner’s programme. It will teach you all the fundamental skills you need as you start & progress in your kickboxing training.

Think of it as a foundation course – You will be shown a set of simple techniques which can then be built on as you discover all that this Martial Sport has to offer.

We use easy and fun training methods to keep you safe, focused & healthy – while at the same time teach you to help defend yourself as a foundation for developing physical life skills. 

For those with previous martial arts experience, we have classes, courses & training sessions which cover nearly every aspect of martial arts training – Taking you to that coveted Black Belt and further!

First Session Booking Form

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Ready to start? 

Firstly, call one of our instructors, who will be happy to arrange your first lesson and answer any questions you may have.

You may prefer to book online. Simply complete the online form (to the right of this page), selecting the day/date that you would like to start and we will contact you with your confirmation!

Before the first class

After booking your start date, you will be invited to the academy approximately 10 minutes prior to the start of your first lesson. This will to allow us to personally welcome you to the team.

For your first lesson we recommend wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing (such as track suit bottoms & T-shirt)

Personal Analysis

Our goal at is to find out exactly what you want to achieve from martial arts training. We do this by asking a few essential questions at the start of your programme so together we can help set the goals you would like to achieve! This can also be done online prior to your session. Details will be in your confirmation email.

What you will learn in your first lesson…

The first lesson is designed to ease you into your martial arts training. One of the great things about the martial arts is that you can go at your own pace, unlike some team sports where unskilled or unfit team members will hold the other back, we structure our classes in such a way to ensure that people can work to a pace they feel is achievable. 

Our instructors are trained to help get the best from you in each lesson. Those who show a real aptitude may be eligible for accelerated promotion. This will allow those who are looking for a greater challenge to push themselves, while those who would rather go a little slower can do so.

What is Next?

We hope you enjoyed your first class and if you would like to continue with the classes your instructor will give you details of membership options. We run a special offer whereby new members can get a discount by block booking or joining on our monthly Direct Debit Scheme.

Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, improve confidence and self-esteem, discipline, focus or learn to defend yourself – we have the programme that is right for you! These are just some of the reasons why hundreds of people have chosen Martial Arts with K500+, UMAT and WAKO.

You have a lot to look forward to on this EASY, SAFE and FUN Martial Arts experience.