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for our children, for their future, for our future

Age: 4 – 6 Years old.
Saturday Mornings


Shipston Dojo
C/O PinkBelt Kickboxing LTD HQ
Sheldon House
Sheep Street
Shipston on Stour
CV36 4AF

Age: 6 – 16 Years old.

09:45 – 10:30

(6 – 10 age range) 

10:45 – 11:30
(10-16 age range)

Shipston Dojo
C/O PinkBelt Kickboxing LTD HQ
Sheldon House
Sheep Street
Shipston on Stour
CV36 4AF



Improve your Child’s confidence with Kickboxing.

They will interact with others, make new friends, do things they normally wouldn’t do and learn some transferrable skills from the dojo.


Your child will develop their discipline, learn to grow respect for themselves and others, understand control and build upon their manners instilled in them from home.

This is something we feel very strongly about and that certain elements may lack in today’s society.



Help improve your child’s concentration.

Due to the nature of the exercises and drills in our classes, your child’s cognitive performance should improve vastly.

This can be transferrable to things like homework and school life too, not just for XBOX skills 🙂



Kickboxing is very much a physical art as it is mental & respectful.

We have great drills to improve balance, speed, flexibility, strength and hand:eye co-ordination.

ALL of these skills are transferable outside the dojo.

Our DRAGONS were born, not from real fire but out of a fire in the belly of K500 chief instructor, Sensei Marc Edwards. The birth of his son prompted him to restart teaching children in his (now) local area of Shipston on Stour. K500 Kickboxing has been running in in Shipston (with Marc) since 2012 and prior to that, Stratford upon Avon for adults only.

Now, in 2020, K500 are running their Children’s Curriculum known as The DRAGONS, Little Dragons & Junior Dragons respectively. The main class is held in the

Shipston Kickboxing Dojo,
Pink Belt Kickboxing HQ
Sheldon House,
Sheep Street,
Shipston on Stour,

Spaces are limited to 10 children per class.




Membership to K500 Kickboxing and DRAGONS is payable on a monthly basis via direct debit.
You’re never tied in to a contract.

Uniform & License will be required and is compulsory after the initial 6 weeks of lessons.

If you have any questions, please contact Marc on kickboxing@k500.co.uk